213px-Link Artwork 1 (Twilight Princess)
Link is a very clever boy and he is Princess Zelda but hes Zelda when Zelda was older and also a male and he has two swords behind his back and yellow hair and a green hat and he also wheres brown and Link is very brave and in mario all stars he can jump very high to reach high cliffs or high mountains or high clouds and when it comes to fighting he is serious and when using him you need to know he is very fast and if you press the right buttons fast enough Link will defeat his enemie in a blink of an eye Link is also in versus battles and sometimes in sonic versus battles with an enemie named Cloud and sometime he is mistaked as Zelda since Link and Zelda are the same person. but he is not the best or strongest person in the game but he is one of the toughest characters in it and so is Zelda and you could could also see him or Zelda fight in battle's by typing in Link clashes with his rivals and Link vs Zero, Link vs Dark Link and more stuff will appear and he is also perferred to be called Prince Link but most people just call him Link and he is good friends with Zero Suit Samus and Zero Suit Samus perfers her name just as Samus and he is a good character that you should use when you play the game so as called Super Mario All-Stars so you should play it but first rent it and if you like it buy it and if you are interested in this article choose Link or Zelda

when you play and it is avalible for a Wii and RADED T FOR TEENS 13+