"Oh, by Blabberton's beard!"
— Admiral Bobbery

Admiral Bobbery, or just Bobbery, is an elderly Bob-omb. During the the courses of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, He is needed for navagation to Keelhaul Key, yet he refuses to come. When Mario gets the letter from his (dead) wife Scarlette, when Bobbery reads it he learns that she loves him so much, so after a quick change of mind, he comes with Flavio and the rest of the passengers to Keelhaul Key. When he is "dying", he wants a last Chuckcola Cola as his wish. When Mario gives him the beverage, he "dies"; actually, he just fell asleep, so Mario woke him up, then Bobbery decided to join Mario's team, going onward to the fifth Crystal Star in Pirate's Grotto, held by Cortez.