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Hey! Sun shades alone just won't cut it for you. Nope! You also need one of my custom tropical shirts. Here you go!”

Accessory Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

The Accessory Pianta is a Pianta that is located on the small expanse of beach on the right side of Delfino Plaza, sitting under an umbrella. He can also be found at some point in every other level, with the exception of Sirena Beach and Noki Bay. Usually, the Accessory Pianta will always be positioned near the beginning of a level. He will give Mario sunglasses after a total of thirty Shine Sprites have been collected by the player. The sunglasses have no apparent function besides darkening the screen slightly, thereby reducing the bright effects of the sunlight. The Accessory Pianta will also award Mario with a sky-blue shirt with small Shine Sprite images printed on it after he defeats Bowser. The shirt serves no real purpose besides making Mario look more fashionable. Mario automatically receives both items together when he speaks to him and he can't, therefore, receive one without the other. Should the player get tired of the extra apparel, Mario can return the sunglasses and shirt to the Accessory Pianta at any time by speaking to him a second time.


  • Pinna Park is the only level in the game to have the Accessory Pianta appear in two places. One is encountered on the beach and the other is found inside the park